Use Quad Encoder on one port

Hello Forums, I was planing what sensors I would buy/get and use on my robot but I need two more ports and that’s not possible to create and still be competition legal. So I am wondering if it’s possible to use a Y cable or something on a quad encoder and get it to work like an encoder the 90 tick per rotation encoder that’s not sold anymore :frowning: I don’t want to get the integrated motor encoder because I might want use them on other things in the future, I hear problems about them, and I don’t want to spend time fix them.

What are you doing with all the other ports? (just wondering… there are some components that may not go in the ports you’re thinking they go in)

Of course, IMEs plug into the I2C port on the Cortex, removing the need for more sensor ports…

4 Buttons, 1 Limit, 6 Quad Encoders and 1 line sensor all wanted on the PIC. If it’s possible to do this on the Cortex (With out integrated motor encoder) tell me how.

Only plug in One of the Quad Encoder cables, then it works just like the Old Encoders… I believe the Wheels are the same, just Two sensors instead of One.

It’s really that simple? wow I’ll try that on Monday when I am at school. Thanks a Ton

I only have 2 of the Quad Encoders, but As I remember it is that simple

Here is a jpearman, Quad Encoder explanation. Because the Two Sensors DON’T trigger at the same time, the Direction can be detected. Either Sensor will work for your project…

If the Distance is Off, for some reason, you will need to scale the value from the Pulses… But IIRC, the Wheel is Identical in both Optical Encoders.