Use Vex IQ and V5 parts together?

I found out that the hole spacing on Vex IQ and V5 parts are same. Is it possible to use Vex IQ and V5 parts together? I could use V5 structural with Vex IQ parts.

Well, not exactly:
The only VEX EDR parts that you can use (legally) in VEXIQ would be the metal shafts. But if your intention isn’t for actual competition use, then I don’t see why not.


Don’t forget the rubber shaft collars from Vex EDR are practically the same ones as in VEX IQ


they are. But that doesn’t mean you should use them.

the rubber shaft collars are the same across IQ and EDR, and they’re completely fine to use in VRC on low-stress points, since they weigh significantly less than their steel counterparts

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Can you, yes! For competition? no… But the V5 brain comes with IQ holes in it for mounting… So, go for it!

Be sure to post your video of an IQ bot going 30+mph before it bursts into a cloud of plastic once you lose control…