Used V5 Parts for sale

V5 super kit + assorted parts

Hi, we are an independent team that has recently decided to not continue for the next season due to busy schedules, and we have decided to list our parts for other teams that may want discounted parts.

this is the link to spreadsheet with list of parts/prices (will be updated throughout the next couple of weeks:

1500 for everything listed (once everything is listed)
Open to offers - DM for more information/offers

We would prefer to selling everything as a lot, and we’ve put a discount for anyone wanting to buy everything

Payment can be done on paypal/any reputable payment processing platform, shipping is not included. We are in the North Houston Area, so anyone looking to do local pickup can also arrange that through DMs.


What is the hardness of the flex wheels and how many are you offering?
Are the screws star screws or hex screws?

The flex wheels are 30A, and the screws are all star screws

Are the screws color coded in some way?

No, but they’re sorted in bins by size

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Are you willing to sell some parts individually, or are you only selling as a whole package?

It says right here (20Char)

Keyword prefer, therefore partial parts orders might be plausible, but less preferred. (Alliteration goes hard)

To compensate, I was wondering if I could pay a higher price for individual parts to make up for the inconvenience of not buying everything.

Edit: The fact that all the categories in the spreadsheet have their own individual price suggested that these parts could be purchased separately.

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UPDATE: Everything has been sold


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