Used VEX Field for Sale

We are a non-profit that is looking for an used field if anyone is selling one. We are located on the US East Coast and willing to pick up.

You should probably change the name to “Looking for a used VEX Field for Sale”. At its current state, it seems like you are selling one.

That’s what I originally thought, I wanted to one for my family room :frowning:

Disappointment :frowning:

Just a question for people looking through the thread, how much are you guys willing to buy for?

For the perimeter, I’d go as high as $600. After that I’d 100% rather build my own.

Why not just build a cheap wooden one? Much, much cheaper. And can be made in an hour or two.

@Murfy yeah that’s what I have right now lol. But I’d like a real one to simulate competition. Also, it makes new game assembly a lot easier.

Alright :slight_smile: Just checking.