Used VEX Parts for Sale!

Hi! This is Dhruv, from team 1727C. Since I’ll be heading off to college next year, I’m looking to sell my VEX Equipment. Listed below is what I’m selling, along with any notes about its condition):

  1. v5 Brain (4 of the ports are shorted, but the rest of it is in good working condition)
  2. v5 Controller (in good working condition, no issues)
  3. v5 Radio (in good working condition, no issues)
  4. v5 Battery (in good working condition, no issues)
  5. v5 Crimping tool (in good working condition, no issues)
  6. Four v5 Motors (in good working condition, no issues)
  7. Half a field worth of mats (These are not the official mats sold by VEX, but are the same size and specification as what VEX sells. These mats are a little beaten up, but they should still work fine for driver practice and programming autonomous routines).

Ideally, I’d like to sell items #1 through #6 together, but I’m willing to sell each item individually as well.

If you’re interested, you can either email me at or send me a discord DM. My name in the VRC Discord Server is Dhruv | 1727C | FRC 1727 | :crab:

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You’re not supposed to give away your email on the public forum. Can @DRow or another mod please remove it


I set up this email specifically for receiving offers for this post. Thank you for looking out for my safety though!


How much are you selling items 1-6 for?

I’ll pay 5 dollars for the entire bundle


I don’t have a set price, I’m pretty much just taking offers from people based on how much they’re willing to pay.

What area are you in?

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I’d be willing to bet Maryland


this is a complete scam. I will pay $7.46


As JD6 said, Maryland. But I’m willing to ship pretty much everywhere

two cookies final offer!

I will pay $2,997,924.58 if you could guarantee it delivered to my grandma’s house by Apr 12, 2022.


Would you do $50? Most I might do is $75

Bet, you have a deal