Uses of Cams in VEX?

I’m currently working on some anti-tips devices for our robot however I’m having trouble locking them in place after release. I’m thinking of using some kind of snail cam and follower mechanism so the wheels can’t move up after release. I don’t really know how to start building this so any tips or other lock mechanisms would be greatly appreciated.

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Aravimage image

You can add bands connecting the anti tip to those c channels at the bottom.

Just a suggestion, don’t use 1x1 bars on high stress systems such as anti-tips Bc they brand super easily


Thanks ! This is just a prototype when I build it properly I’m planning on using C channels.

That’s what we tried and will probably go back to if we can’t find a better way however we had had 15 rubber bands connected and our robot was still tipping when it was full of cubes so we’re trying to find a more reliable and clean way !

Based on your design you could build something like a desk hinge that unfolds and locks when it is open.
and a crude profile drawing


Try researching over Center locks. There are some great examples from Starstruck.

Such as this one

This shows the general idea. If the mechanism folds out past the center point, it cannot be forced back. Similar to why a tray cannot be pushed back from the out position. Once again, do not use 1× bars. Use 1×1 aluminum angle if possible, or if not, the ‘standoff trick’ where you use a 2 sided screw (coupler), and thread one end into a standoff, and the other into a shaft collar. This can create strong bars rather quickly to any desired length.


Thank you so much!! This really helped.
Sorry for the sloppy building we’re a first year team and are still getting the hang of a good structure!