Using 10 motors with the old micro-controller

we need to use 10 motors for our robot, but our signal splitter is not working and we don’t know how to use 10 motors with the old micro-controller which has 8 motor ports.
Can anyone tell me how to connect two motors and plug them into one port…
or any other solution…

Thank you :smiley:

You want to order 276-1423.

Note on Rick TYler’s post:

The “Y” cables will “tie” the motors together - they can only move in sync. As far as I’m aware, you cannot independently control 10 motors with the microcontroller v.5 (but someone might have to check me on that…)

Yes you are correct, unless there is some sort of “hack” I am unaware of, and I’m sure it would be illegal for competition anyway, as I see no way of being able to do it without modifying the wires.


There is a hack available here to control up to 15 motors, but as you say, it would not be legal for at least two reasons: It requires a custom PPM cable, and it uses a signal splitter.

It may be possible to drive a servo or motor from a digital I/O port. It would require some pretty crafty coding to handle the pulse timing, but I think it should be possible. It may be slightly easier if you aren’t too picky about speed, where you mostly just need fwd/off/rev (like an ingest mechanism).

Note that this would draw motor power from the regulated 5V supply that runs the microcontroller logic. So if you were to attempt this, I would definitely use a Power Expander between the motor and the digital I/O port.

I am not an expert on Round Up, but I don’t see any rules that say that motors or the power expander can’t be plugged into I/O ports.


  • Dean

I tried using the Y-cables, but they don’t work. :confused:
instead of inserting the motor cable to the micro-controller, in inserted the Y-cable and attached two motors to it. But this did not work.

Is there anything that i did wrong?

Never mind, i figured out the problem.
I was using the 3 wire extension cable, which looks similar to the Y-cable.

Anyways, thank you everyone :slight_smile: