Using 12 motors legally in high school VRC

Today the game manual was updated and while reading through it I found this.
<R11> Robots may use either:
Option 1: Up to ten (10) VEX EDR motors or VEX Servos (Any combination, up to ten) and a legal
VRC pneumatic system. (See <R18>)
Option 2: Up to twelve (12) VEX EDR motors or VEX Servos (Any combination, up to twelve) and no
pneumatic components, excluding pneumatic tubing.
a. 2-Wire Motors must be controlled by a 2-Wire Motor Port, either directly on a VEX
Microcontroller (P/N 276-2194), or on a “VEX Motor Controller 29” module.
b. Teams may NOT use multiple 2-wire Motor Ports, 3-wire PWM Motor Ports, or Motor
Controller 29 modules on a single motor.

You just y-split from one port to two motor controllers controlling two seperate motors

Yes I know for more discussion go here.

How? The only Y cable I’m aware of is the serial Y cable, which has four prongs. The cortex’s motor slots are 2-3 prongs only.

Last one under 3 wire extension. It also comes in the bundles.

Thank you so much! This helps a ton!

I mean you may want to…
But it’s a horrible idea if your motors will be under stress, you will just be having overdraw problems.

From competing in VEX U and using twelve 393 motors on each robot for the past two years, I can safely say that this is false. Unless you are stalling all of the motors at once, you should be fine.

I don’t think you should be having any problems unless your doing something completely mad :D.