Using 83% Motor Power for Drive

My team driver wants our drive to be 300 rpm. We currently have a 360 rpm drive with a 5:3 ratio on 600 rpm motors. Would setting our motors to 83% affect anything while making the drive ~300rpm?

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What do you need 300 rpm for? Is it just to go slower for more control or do you want more pushing power? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe running the motor at 83% doesn’t provide any extra pushing power or torque because the gear ratio is the same.
If 360 rpm is too fast for your driver to control, and you want to slow down your drive so he has a bit more control over it, running the drive at 83% motor power shouldn’t affect anything and will be a viable solution.
I’m not completely sure about the pushing power thing so if someone more experienced wants to clarify that that’d be great.


Your drive will have 83% pushing power if u do that because the motors are only using 83% of their power. Your defensive capabilities will likely suffer.

it’s advised not to cap your maximum drive speed at any less than the maximum the motors can go do. The reason for this is that you’re limiting your drive to 83% power, you are getting less from the motors than they can be used for, and overall is just wasted potential.
The better alternative if you want your drive to be slower is to use a slower gear ratio, that way you can run motors at full power.
Alternatively, if your driver only has a problem with drive speed part of the time (say, when aiming at the goal), coding in a sort of shift key which slows the drive while pressed could be helpful in that it lets you move the drive slower when wanted, but doesn’t limit the peak performance.


What is a shift key? It sounds like a cool concept that my team could use.

By that I mean a button on your controller that cuts drive speed when pressed, but allows full speed when not. I’m not sure if this is common practice or not, but it seems like a good middle ground between slow drive and uncontrollable speed.


I’ll ask my coder about it. Thank you for the suggestions!

We did something similar to this last year for intaking ringles