Using a Y-cable, no response?

Hey all,

I believe some ports on my cortex are not functioning. But thankfully I have motors I can split using a Y-cable.

However when I stick a 3 pin Y-cable into the motor slot, there is no response. I’ve made sure the colors match properly.

I’ve tried connecting it via power expander, and straight into the cortex with no avail.

My current setup goes like this

Cortex -> Y-Split - > into 2 motor controllers -> connected to each respective motor.

This in theory should work right?


That setup should work. Does the port you are using the Y-cable with work when just a motor is plugged in to the port? If it does, it’s probably something with the cable.
We had two motor ports on our Cortex die last year (2 and 9), but were able to work around it with Y-cables, as you said. We haven’t had problems using the Y-cables.

You can test the ports on your cortex using the online window. Plug a motor into the port you want to test and move the slider bar to activate the motor. It should be easy to tell if some ports are “dead”.

The ports I am using function fine with just a single motor.

Does anything have to be altered with the code?

Currently in easyC i am using JoystickToServo, and if you are familiar with it, it takes 4 parameters (x, x, ,x, x), the first being the joystick number, second the channel, third the designated motor, and fourth, the invert direction option.

I have each motor on its own port right now, but if I want to use a Y-split, how can I invert one motor and leave one at default?

Am I supposed to use one of the Arcade functions instead?

You should not need to change anything in the code to use a y-cable. If you are using the 3 wire motors or servos, there is no legal way to invert one using the y-cable; since the signal pin on the pwm cable is not in the center, you can’t just flip the wire in the port and expect it to work. If you are using the two wire motors, then just flip the motor wire at the two wire side of the motor controller.