Using ANSI C instead of ROBOTC

Is there a way to use ANSI C instead of ROBOTC to program Vex Robots?

So if you want to use GCC to program Vex Robots you are going to have to use PROS.

Or ConVEX :stuck_out_tongue: (I could be wrong)

Perhaps first of all carefully consider the reasons why you want ANSI C? RobotC is pretty good for it’s target audience, students getting started in C programming, but still retains most C language features. If you have to ask how do I program in ANSI C on a VEX Cortex then you’re probably better off using RobotC.

For the purposes of learning I see no value in adhering to strict C99 or C11. If you’re attempting to reuse code written in ANSI C to run on a VEX Cortex I’d suggest porting it to RobotC because you’ll learn a whole lot during that process.