Using Autodesk Inventor

I just started using Autodesk Inventor after trying some other CAD options, and I’m pretty sure this is the one. There are multiple problems that I’ve found and can’t solve. One is moving an object. I can’t find any tools for moving the object. I also can’t find a tool to group multiple objects so I can move them together. If anyone has any tips for anything, I’m open.

Click and drag to move parts. Ctrl+click parts one after the other to move them all at once. Or constrain them together


click and drag to move, shift and scroll wheel click and drag to rotate, scroll wheel click and drag to pan.

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Clicking and dragging just selects it.

it shouldn’t. is the piece grounded?

Not that I know of. Where would it say?

right click the part, look for the grounded option, see if it’s checked or not. also the part icon on the left will have a thumbtack on it

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