Using Boe Bot sensors

I was just wonder could we use Boe Bot sensors on vex robots? I was especially wondering about the line following kit i would also like to try using the ultrasoinic sensors too

the reson i would use boe bot stuff and not vex is that i have found that boe bot stuff is just a bit cheeper and compotible with alot of different kits and micro controllers

Correct me if im wrong but the Vex microcontroller is just a regular conroller so you should be abe to use anything with it, i am working to interface a Zigbee to it (PM me if you have or have Q’s) you may have to do some C code though

You should try to find the specs for a Vex sensor somewhere and compare them to the Parallax one.

Also try hooking the sensors to a Basic Stamp 2 and connecting that to the bot.