Using different motor controller with the cortex

I am working on a project which requires higher me to use more powerful motors. To drive those motors we opted out to use the Spark Motor controllers. They are more commonly used in First Robotics. So far I’ve been controlling those motor controllers with an arduino and a library which supports those motor controllers. But we have a vex cortex laying around were wondering how we can control the spark motor controller with the vex microcontroller?

Any tips and suggestions are appreciated.

It’s a very busy week for VEX competitors, so you won’t get the usual amount of helpful answers.

However, based on page 9 of the manual found here it appears this controller can accept and operate on a typical servo signal. Given that, wire it with a standard VEX 3 wire jumper from a motor port (port 2 through 9) and use the appropriate commands in RobotC. (Other languages are possible; RobotC is free and probably best supported on this forum.)

If you’ve been using this controller already, you may know about its configurability, which you may not need, and it’s direct support of limit switchs, which you may not use.

It should be pretty simple to get things up and running on a cortex. From the RobotC point of view, treat it like any other motor. It just won’t draw current to power the motor from the Cortex, which is a good thing.