Using Easy C 2.X or Mplab to write a program of default code?

Hi,currently i still figuring on how to write the default code. But i have some question in it.Currently i using the software is EASY C 2.X. Can this software allow me to write a default program? Or i need to use MPlab software is much more better? It is because i facing some problems with… I wrote a program on detecting tank mode and arcade mode. But how would i let the RF transmitter to able to detect the drive mode. E.g. "23 " Mode or “12” mode?

The “short answers”, in order of your questions are, Kind Of, Yes, You can not.

The “Long Answers”

  1. If you read the Inventor’s Guide, you will see that the Vex Default Program will Operate in “Autonomous Mode”, based on the setting of Jumper 13 (see Inverter’s Guide, Chapter 7, Page 16), it will Operate in Tank Mode or “12 mix” Arcade Mode, based on the setting of Jumper 14 (see Inventor’s Guide, Chapter 7, Page 17), it will operate in 2 Wheel Drive or 4 Wheel Drive based on the setting of Jumper 15 or Jumper 16 (See Inventor’s Guide, Chapter 7, Page 16 and APPENDIX E - CONTROL CONFIGURATIONS). Your EasyC Program would need to “mimic” all of these mode to match the Vex Default Code.

  2. The Vex Default Code is written in a MPLAB Project with PIC 18 ‘C’, and you can download the Vex Starter Code, and then requesting the Vex Default Code from VexLabs.

3)Read in the Inventor’s Guide, Chapter 7, Page 17, it explains how the “12 mode” on the Transmitter works differently than the “12 mode” on the Vex Controller. At the Vex Controller, you would not know what the mode is.

Hi MarkO,
Regarding for yr reply, i not quite sure… As to confirm with u… for default code i need to use MPlab C18 to write instead of using EASY C to write the default code?

The “default code” is written in MPLAB and PIC 18 ‘C’, you download the Vex Starter Code, and request the Vex Default Code by e-mail.

If you read the README.TXT in the Vex Starter Code, it will tell you how to get the missing portions of the Vex Default Code, you can also follow the instructions in the post Vex Robotics Code on how to get the MPLAB Source Code missing from the Vex Starter Code.

You can try to “simulate” all of the Vex Default Code with EasyC, but I think with EasyC 1.x, it would not be possible… EasyC 2.x might be possible.

i dont know programming yet but im wondering if theres a way to make the controller “itself” be programmed to change internally between arcade and tank by the signals it receives say it changes to tank when you use the left and right but changes to arcade when you use only the right stick

Of course it could. It just takes programming… :wink: I was thinking of that about 1 year ago.

The advantage would be that a Driver of the Vex that liked Tanks Controls, could hand the Controller to a Driver that liked Arcade Controls, and the “switch” could happen in a matter of Seconds…

ok but how do u know the way to control a signal from the controller say when you press motor 5 up it goes to arcade mode and motor 5 down it goes to tank mode

Try the thread ** Switching autonomous mode**, where pacoliketaco and I (MarkO) discuss this issue…