Using Flowol to program the Vexnet Controller

I’m having trouble figuring out how to use flowol to program the vexnet controller.

Ie motor 1 & 2 go forward when push the toggle forward.

There are no detailed instructions via flowol.

Are there any instructions out there via vex?
Has anyone done this themselves?


VEX does not provide support for user’s programming using software developed by our software partners. Please contact the Flowol support department for help.

I will move this into the community forum, so other users can reply if they have experience in this area.


Well I caved and downloaded the trial just to try this out, what an annoying program, but then it’s not aimed at customers like me. I stumbled through creating a flowchart, here’s what I came up with for tank drive, there may be an easier way to do this but until I download and try a few things that’s not obvious. For example, does the motor go backwards when sent a negative forward speed.


Probably not that hard to learn, just different to traditional programming.

Can I ask why you’re using that, instead of PROS, ConVEX or RobotC? It looks really difficult. And it’s not teaching exactly the same programming logic as everything else.

EDIT: At a second look, this is a cool idea, teaching programming through flowcharts. I still think that using any of the other languages looks like it would be easier, but this is certainly interesting.

Hooked up flowol to the cortex, had to modify the code to make it run. It’s an interesting program, you can either connect to the cortex and use it interactively, including running the whole flow chart, or download and have the code start in the usual way. Unfortunately, when downloading it will not let you have parameters for subroutines, it forces the use of globals. Anyway, here was a working flow chart for tank drive, this mornings had a couple of stupid mistakes.


I really don’t see this as viable for any sort of competition use, what would have been two lines of code in ROBOTC or EasyC became the above flow chart. Anything more complex would start to get cumbersome to manage, as far as I can see everything has to be on the one page used for adding the flow chart symbols.

Anyway, interesting concept but aimed at a different audience than I see on the vex forums.

Reason being the cost, my new school has it already so if it does the job, I’ll run with it.

Thanks Jp I’ll try that code tomorrow

I emailed them yesterday and got a reply overnight (they are in America), the guy there has been quite helpful, although they are new to vex so are keen to get feedback.

I’ve sent them off another reply today so will try again tomorrow and report back for anyone interested.

$45 for that… goodness what a waste!

At least from my perspective. I’m not sure what type of stuff y’all are doing.

Default settings for 4wd tank attached.

they are really helpful, writing flowcharts for sensors will post those too.

They are developing a more user friendly way of doing this, will keep updated.
Default Vex Settings.jpg

Flowol 4.13 with the bug fixes for the VEX Cortex, and support for the VEX LCD module is now available through the formal download page at

flowcharts for sensors to follow!

Will post once I know more and have tested :slight_smile: