Using Gyro Sensor on a Vex V5 Controller

Is it possible to use the motion of your controller to move the robot

The Vex controllers do not have a gyro or inertial sensor built in to them, so this is not possible. The only way to send input to the brain through the controller is using the joysticks and buttons.

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could i use a wireless gyro that connects to the brain via dongle that is compatable with the v5 system

Sensors cannot be wirelessly connect to the brain.


As cool as it would be to have gyro control, it isn’t very useable or doable. It would be super complicated to set up as there would not be a easy way to do it, and it would probably be illegal for using non vex electronics for wireless connection. Additionally, I would think it would be hard to control something with a gyro. You can probably just use a joystick for whatever you need it for

ok thanks
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