Using #include in VCS

Can #include be used in VCS? I just tried it and got the message “file not found” after compiling it. Both files are in the same directory.

Use absolute path…

#include "robot-config.h"
#include "/Users/lacsap/foobar.h"

worked for me on a Mac.


Hot diggity dog! It worked. My team had such issues with configuration control on code this weekend. If they changed something in one slot, they would have to remember to change it in all the others. And that always didn’t happen.

You did look at our sample autonomous feature selector :slight_smile:

WalshBots Autonomous Selector

Clearly, not closely enough!

OK. I’m not quite there. The include function is not flagging an error but anymore, but I am getting “unknown type name” when I try to start the task. I think I may be calling it wrong in the task statement. I only call it by name and do not include the file name. Is that correct?