Using inline functions

I have confirmed the ‘setIntakePower’ function to be thread-safe, even if the autonomous and usercontrol tasks will never be running at the same time - that is not the issue.

My issue here is that the ‘setIntakePower’ function really should be inline, because all it does is set multiple motors. Does anyone know why inline is not supported, and if it can be enabled in the compiler anywhere? If the answer is ‘No’, then does anyone know how to disable these annoying and contradictory warning messages?

[INDENT]Warning:‘inline’ not supported, changing to normal function call.
Warning:Use ‘inline’ to avoid possible simultaneous variable memory access conflicts for subroutine ‘setIntakePower’ called from multiple tasks ‘autonomous’ and ‘usercontrol’?[/INDENT]

Inline functions are not currently supported.

This was a problem that was identified in an older version of ROBOTC. It should be resolved. What version of ROBOTC are you using?

Ah, that would explain it, I am using RobotC 3.04 (due to unrelated issues myself and others were experiencing with the newer device firmwares).