Using LCD display during autonomous

Hello there,

So we are using the LCD display to switch through different autonomous routines… However the way which we have done the program, when the 15 second autonomous period starts, the middle button which acts as a start button needs to be pressed for the autonomous to start and work…

Am I allowed to press this button during the autonomous period… The robot would not have moved before I would have pressed it and it will then won;t need pressing again throughout the autonomous period…


It is illegal. You need to program it in a way so that when autonomous starts the chosen auton starts.

Does this answer the question? You need to select the autonomous routine before the match starts, best way to exit the LCD code is to detect the enable/disable flag in ROBOTC.

looks like Tabor already answered.

But competitions I have been to I have seen people interact with there robot during the autonomous period to try and make them work…

Also it says that you arent allowed to interact with the robot’s joystick but nothing about touching the LCD buttons…

Triggering sensors without touching the Robot is still illegal

^that is the relevant part. Remember the LCD is a sensor.

Then why does the LCD display come under the Logic section of the VEX Robotics website??

It’s also on the sensor page:

See this.

You might try browsing around at some examples of LCD autonomous selection:


See the rule quoted by jpearman, you can’t interact with your robot at all. If some competitions were allowing teams to interact with the robot, they might have allowed them to do the fixes permitted for driver control during the autonomous period, but this is technically not allowed.

You will need to select the autonomous during the preauton and have it run by itself when autonomous starts. If you want to do something simpler (not that that isn’t) you can use a potentiometer selector.

I have fixed the code now, thanks for all your help !