Using modified motors. Is this allowed. Nothing at all was changed internally

We didn’t alter anything else.

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Oh sweet so it allowed. I didn’t change any electrical component. Only the case which it’s in. So unless I change the electrical components or internals of the motor, it should be allowed

Nope, read <R21> again:

Again, emphasis mine.

<R21> doesn’t just prohibit electrical modifications to motors.


More seriously tho, the answer is yes

Based on the instructions VEX provides for mounting a V5 motor to their turntable (, I think this is likely legal. They show removing the internal stand-offs and using screws to mount them on the outside of the case.
You might still want to ask on the Official Q&A just to be safe.

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Wrong. This is 100% illegal. Had you just messed w/ the standoffs you would be fine. This is illegal modification of the motor.


I completely agree with @Sylvie and @holbrook - I’ve been an inspector, and I would 100% consider this illegal. You would have to show me an official Q&A agreeing that this was specifically allowed in order for me to be willing to pass it.

The motor itself is the electrical component, and you have definitely modified it in a permanent way. This is clearly not allowed.

Pulling out from game manual quote above:

Motors […] and any other electrical component of the VEX EDR platform

@teresajude - the change you are pointing out is temporary and easily removable/changeable with no permanent consequences, and I would say is comparable to the allowance of scuff controller add-ons from the Q&A:
Scuff controller add-on legality update : Robot Events

And also the previous year’s allowance of replacing worn motor inserts (nowadays they have replacements for these officially available) and specific allowance for the turntable adjustment:


Also I’d like to note that there has been a long history of external modifications to the casings of electrical components (even including quad encoders) being illegal.


Why not just loctite an 8-32 coupler into the standoff in the motor? Will have the same effect and be 100% legal.


I think they are trying to save space.

NM - I completely missed they cut off the standoff. 100% illegal.

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Good catch. I missed that they had physically altered the casing. I thought they had just pulled the standoffs and used screws from the inside.

I agree with the others; this is pretty obviously a modification. Sorry.