Using Motor Temperature Block

When using the ‘Temperature of Motor’ block, at what ‘percentage’ values do the motors hit Level 1,2,3,4?


When using the temperature itself, then this is where the breaks in motor power occurred. How does each level correlate with a percentage instead?

// Temperature of a Motor
// Level 1 - Temp greater than 55 deg C or 131 deg F - 50% Power
// Level 2 - Temp greater than 60 deg C or 140 deg F - 25% Power
// Level 3 - Temp greater than 65 deg C or 149 deg F - 12.5% Power
// Level 4 - Temp greater than 70 deg C or 158 deg F - 0% Power

See this thread for info about converting motor temperature from “percent” to degrees Celsius:

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Would it be a good idea to use this for a drive progarm in case the motor overheats?

So would this be accurrate? Or is there more to the picture? @jpearman

Level Motor Temp in Percent Motor Power
0 Motor Temp less then or equal to 69% 100% Motor Power
1 Motor Temp greater than 70% 50% Motor Power
2 Motor Temp greater than 80% 25% Motor Power
3 Motor Temp greater than 90% 12.5% Motor Power
4 Motor Temp at100% 0% Motor Power

That looks correct, although power is hard to determine exactly. We limit current to 1.25A, that causes use of 25% in input power from battery (for a stalled motor), but I’ve never calculated what that would mean in terms of output power. Once you hit 70% of temperature limit, the motor probably doesn’t have too much practical use on a competition robot.

In text you can read temperature directly in deg C or deg F, not sure why the blocks team went with percentage.


How high would it have to be to reach that temperature? How many degrees?

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