Using old field elements

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from the Environmental responsibility - recycling thread gave me the idea of asking what everyone is using the MOGOs from this year for now. This question extends to other games as well. Let’s see how everyone is reuseing old game elements.

Here is our amazing use of them :smiley:


This is cool, well done!

Really makes me think RECF/Vex could have one of their online challenges be how best to use that season’s game elements for reuse. Gets to the end of the season, and here’s some great ideas on what you could use them for!

Beats it just going to the landfill by a long shot!


I love this recycling. For our team, Tipping point we have uses the mogo as screw storage and we are storing the plastic for future use. for Change Up, we donated the balls as children’s toys.


Here’s my current project to reuse some old field gear – a driver station post for the new portable field perimeter:

The post is ½" schedule 40 PVC pipe, which is the same stuff used in Tipping Point branches and Change Up goals (or at least it has the same OD). These particular posts were pulled from some Change Up element kits which we bought for in-person events that never ended up happening. Unfortunately that means they don’t have any cool robot scratches patina on them, but hopefully that will come with time.

The other parts are just 3D prints – still need to make a few revisions but I’ll share STLs here once I’m happy with them.


Willow from 3324Z snapped this photo of some planters that were being sold at San Diego VRC states:


Ok this is really cool I still have a bunch of cubes I bet we could do something like this :smiley:

I’m currently using one mobile goal without a pole to hold 3d prints, and a tall mobile goal as a coat/hat rack.


Tip of the hat to all the great ideas. They inspiring for my middle school club to create thank you gifts for teachers who supported their teacher’s support of their journey.

I will get photos when completed. Thanks again!


We used the old game pieces as awards. I got these for two things: one for having the most complicated code in the club, and the other for breaking my robot the most. (We had two motor burnouts in two days, unrelated problems, it was a conspiracy)


Until Spin Up game elements arrive…

When you run out of part bins


I usually donate the game elements to a daycare. I love the planter idea!

This is what we did to reuse old field elements


I turn them into awards for the seniors and for other accomplishments every year.awards


I have done many things with old game ellements. One year I made lamps and gave them to my volunteers. I also create awards/keepsakes for my team members.


These are so cool!!! I like to keep a small game item, normally a scoring object and a license plate from that year.

Edit: If you want actually useful uses for game elements, in a previous life, these cones held team name and number placards at competitions. You can see the slit in the top still.

Coming soon: You’ve all heard of fries in mogos, but what about ice cream in the zones?

Also, sorry for contributing to a revived topic. I couldn’t help myself.