Using Old Motors

Is there any way to use old vex motors on the new v5 system?

For competition no.

For messing around you will need to find one of the old motor expansion units along with a battery and power the motors off of that. Don’t forget the #29 motor controllers. The three wire ports off the back only supply 5 volts at a very low current.


The manual says that v4 parts are not legal for this year’s game, but other than money issues I don’t see why you’d want to use v4.


My school has an insane amount of EDR motors and equipment. We have a minimal amount of V5 brains and motors, so I often have to tell people who make personal interest projects they have to use the old motors. I don’t remember how to code with RobotC, so I can’t help them. However, I’m pretty good with blocks, and they pick up block coding easily as well.

Is it possible to attach EDR motors/motor 393s with V5 equipment and program them?

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Dude, just two posts ahead of you is the answer. Not searching for prior threads doesn’t make me happy. But not reading all of a 3 post thread where the 2nd post is the answer?

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Are you talking to me? If so how do I search for prior threads?

Nevermind, I found. I apologize for the redundancy.

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In case you were referring to me (I can’t tell because you didn’t tag anyone or reply to anyone in your post), my interest was how to actually program motor 393s with VEXcode V5, which was not answered in this topic. And thank you for reminding me to search for the answer, I sometimes forget. I’ll have to try that when I find the time to dig further.

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You can use the V5 system and externally power V4 motors using a power expander

was directed at @mattlarimer. Key thing is using the Power Expander as been re-noted.

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