Using Papers In Notebook


After looking over the VEX notebook rules and suggestions, I only have two more questions .

What do most teams put in their binders besides the engineering notebook and a title?

And are you allowed to use typed paper with your notebook in a binder? For example, can I type out an analysis of the game and then attach it in the binder? Or am I only allowed to have the VEX engineering notebook in the binder?

thank you for taking the time and answering my questions I appreciate it!!!

For Official answers and clarifications about judging in VEX Robotics Competition - you will want to post them on RobotEvents


If you look at the judges guide, you can see that there are two main ways teams can do engineering notebooks: physical and virtual. While I have not heard of a team using a mixture of both formats for their actual notebook (not converted for a required submission type), it is not explicitly outlawed, so do whatever is best for your team. Essentially you can put whatever you want in the binder AS LONG as it belongs in your team’s engineering notebook.

For physical notebooks, most teams use actual engineering notebooks, such as the ones from VEX that come with your team registration or these popular ones from BookFactory.
If you have an online notebook but need to convert it to a digital format for an event, I recommend using a binder with paper sleeves (it helps ensure each page is aligned and does not require hole punching). Multiple binders/notebooks can be used like for physical notebooks, so don’t be afraid to write your heart out.

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