Using Past Field Parts on Bots

Can we use these on robot builds? My team wants to incorporate it into her intake chute.

If you’re asking whether you can use that part on a VIQC robot, the answer is no due to R7c:

Only VEX IQ components specifically designed for use in Robot construction are allowed. Using additional components outside their typical purpose is against the intent of the rule (i.e., please don’t try using VEX IQ apparel, team or event support materials, packaging, Field Elements, or other non-Robot products on a VEX IQ Competition Robot).

Remember also that in VIQC, parts can not be modified from their original state (R13).

But you could use some parts from the thin plastic sheet add-on pack.

If you’re asking whether you could use that part on a VRC robot, then yes, you could use that sheet as allowed by R9.


What we did was cut the sheets from the game to match the size of the sheets from the add on pack for teams that wanted to test the part out. If the pieces ended up being useful, then we’ll order the add on kit to use the legal piece.


That’s what I assumed but I know there have been cases where specific parts weren’t allowed.

The current game page always has a legal and illegal parts index page, on top of the normal rule book stuff.


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