Using Portafields as "permanent fields"

(long post) Our organization is switching to portafields as our regular competition fields, so I wanted to share some information in case anyone else is contemplating the same. Additionally, we have an Event Trailer, so I wanted to share our updated field carts.

The main reason we’re making the switch is for the built in GPS strips. The Velcro strips just don’t cut it, there’s too much hassle and inconsistency, and we thing the built-in is the way to go. Light weight and tool-less assembly is the secondary reason.

We store our fields in 12’ sections, so we had to do a bit of mod on our field carts. Portafields need to be supported their full length and need the ends protected, so we modified our simple rack-style carts to hold the fields. (sorry, no plans available…this is all hack-job work…there’s lots of pictures). For this year’s game, only the high-goal brackets need to be removed from the field to nest the walls together and fit two complete portafields into each cart. There is a “keeper” that plugs into the raw end of the wall section after pulling out the corner piece. To prepare the portafields, nylocks and 1/2" screws are installed into every connection point, and a strip of reinforced gaffer’s tape runs along the bottom of the 12’ perimeter sides. Soon, there will be small stickers saying “do not disassemble” at all the connection points to try and keep volunteers from breaking down our fields into small pieces before we can stop them.

Lots of pictures here on this google drive: Portafield Carts - Google Drive


You know I’ve always thought this should be the direction comps go in. The GPS strips are so nice to have in matches, but most normal fields don’t have them. Plus it’s better to set up


I totally get the GPS strip thing and easy portability. From a competitive standpoint, though, I am really not a fan of all-portable fields. At MOA all three skills fields were portable and therefore had…bendable walls. We ran our progs at home with a few wall resets, but had to reporogram at ?all to account for bendy field walls. I think maybe some strap adjustments or additions could make the walls less bendy, and I’d be all for portable fields.


Either field straps like the ones made legal in this Q&A post, or just use the op China strat of using yourself as a wall brace.


Ultimately that is what we did, but we were told we couldn’t brace the walls that weren’t next to either driver station :frowning:

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