Using PROS in VS Code

I’m having trouble on the first step. I’m trying to create a new document using 'pros conduct new '. The terminal I’m using is the windows command prompt. It keeps telling me ‘pros’ isn’t recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file. Also I only downloaded the CLI, if that helps.

Make sure your


environment variable points to the directory with the


executable within (usually

C:\Program Files\PROS\cli-64


If you are using PROS 3, the executable is named



@rbenasutti so should the command look like 'prosv5 conduct new '?


Just to tack on, we’re planning on making pros the default command for the CLI around December/January as we expect the new environment to have settled out and we expect fewer folks to be using the old CLI (2.x.x).

Right now I’m doing

prosv5 conduct new <./TP_2018-2019_Code>

I keep getting the error “The syntax of the command is incorrect.” I think I did something wrong with the syntax of the part, but I’m not sure.

Remove the carets (’<>’). You don’t need the ‘./’ either.

Yeah, that was the problem

For those switching exclusively to PROS 3 before then, I would recommend just creating a symbolic link/shortcut from ‘pros’ to ‘prosv5’.

Ok, so now I’m about to try to download something using PROS in VSCode. A simple drive program for now. Do I need to download any firmware or do any setup on the cortex, or can I just simply download the program. I assume I need to download some files for setup but I’m not sure.
EDIT: To be clear, I am still testing this on Cortex. I will work on V5 once I get the parts.

I also still haven’t been able to find the gcc file for the intellisense. I would greatly appreciate some assistance in getting that to work.

PROS does not require any firmware beyond the master firmware developed by VEX. Basically, if you can use the Cortex to do anything in any programming language, you already have the master firmware loaded.

Can you make a guide to visual studio 2017 by the way?

Yes I would really appreciate this. I am still very confused.

I’m not sure quite you mean Visual Studio 2017 (it’s different than Visual Studio Code). Using PROS in VS 2017 would be inefficient. So if you need a guide, you’d want one for VSCode.

On top of that, the general idea of PROS in VSCode was discussed in Barin’s message

And anything else for VSCode is readily available on Google and it’s fairly self explanatory once you get used to the editor.

ATOM doesn’t have good code completion support for using template-derived classes. It doesn’t have good multi-screen support either. VS CODE isn’t familiar to me. I’ve assembled a new PC, AMD 2950WX, and he starts VS 2017 fast enough.

VS Code Intellisense for C/C++ can be configured to use a compile_commands.json file, which you can generate using

prosv5 build-compile-commands

(this will build your project and save a cache that code completion tools can use). As far as I can tell, you can tell intellisense to use this file by specifying the following property in the c_cpp_properties.json file:

"compileCommands": "${workspaceFolder}/compile_commands.json"

cquery (which we ship with PROS Editor) works in much the same way

I use cquery server in vscode and he can’t load automatically. I need to reload windows to load it.
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