Using Purdue kernel version from GitHub repositiory, rather than GitHub Releases


I would like to use the GitHub Master version of pros, as it fixes the issue I am having here:

Does anyone know how I can do this?


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read the Afaik, you cant because it relies on a proprietary piece if software vex doesn’t want distributed.

for that particular issue, just update, it has nothing to do with the kernel.

change this

LNK_FLAGS=--gc-sections --start-group $(strip $(LIBRARIES)) -lc -lm -lgcc -lstdc++ -lsupc++ --end-group -T$(FWDIR)/v5-common.ld

to this

LNK_FLAGS=--gc-sections --start-group $(strip $(LIBRARIES)) -lgcc -lstdc++ --end-group -T$(FWDIR)/v5-common.ld

How can I update it so it uses the new file when I create a new project? Currently, the project creation errors out and not all essential files are created.

The compiling of the project only happens once the project is fully set up.
There is no reason why you should not be able to fix the makefile after creating a new project.
If you really want to bundle the fixes with any new project, just download the latest pros-kernel release, modify the template zip file to your liking, bump the version if you like, and install into the pros conductor.