Using sensors to aim shooter


Is there any way to use a VEX Ultrasonic Range Finder to aim a flywheel/ puncher? Or maybe a light sensor to detect the flags? EDR not V5


Not really, no. (Also both the Cortex and V5 Brain are VEX EDR components.)


If you’re unable to aim it you could try ramming your robot on a straight surface which you know the orientation of, for example the field sides or the platforms, and then adjust as needed. You could also adjust your bot so that it could hit the flags from starting tile and run it off of the placement of the bot.


Yes, ultrasonic sensors could be used, though best used with encoders and a gyroscope most likely. You could use them to determine the distance from the walls, and that can allow you to calculate how far you are from the flags and if you’re aimed in the right direction. But if anything gets between you and the wall it can be really problematic.


So what im seeing is that it ia possible, but not easy and would take a while to program. I’m gonna try what meepmeepme said.


Hi we are doing the same thing, and we are going to be using encoders and a gyro like called said with the range finder. We will let you know how it goes.


I had a pretty cool code with an ultrasonic range finder that adjusted the angle of my puncher according to distance. I never actually went through with it, but it was a cool concept.


You would have to do the math to determine the varibles of your shooter and how they correlate to shot trajectory. What settings/variables do you have…Flywheel speed? Angle?

You would have to create a math function that correlates the distance you are from your target (as read by the ultrasonic rangefinder) and the speed, and angle your shot needs to be to hit the target. It’s some fairly complicated stuff, but it would be very cool. I don’t know how to do it, but it is possible I am sure.

You would still need to use something like the vision sensor to help you actually align with the flags. The rangefinder only tells you distance.


Our girls are just starting to tinker with this for the skills portion. They are going to put in code to pick up some of the field balls, and check distances to walls so they know where they are aimed.