Using Several Vision Sensors

My team was planning on using two vision sensors, one in the front to align with caps and one in the back to align with balls and flags. We coded and tuned the sensor in the front, but the code does not allow me to add a second vision sensor. When dropped into the setup window and compiled, VCS complains that I redefined all the signatures. Does only one set of signature slots exist, meaning only one vision sensor can be used?

If you are using VEX C++, make sure you give the second vision sensor different signature names from the first one.

If you want to measure the distance of an object, i must use two vision sensors?

You can use trigonometry with the known height of of an object and your vision sensor to calculate distance. If anything, I believe using 2 vision sensors to calculate distance will be quite a bit more difficult than this method.

I posted how to calculate heights based on the height of the vision sensor, it’s angle, and where the center of the object is on the screen, if I remember correctly. At that point we had to make an assumption on the pixel count. I’ll have to dig for it with a search, though.

Can you give me a link?Thank you
It seems that there is a PID to match the relationship between distance and robot motion. Is this cascade PID?

Found it:
Look at the last few posts. The penultimate post shows the calculations. But do note issue about the origin and the axes I bring up in the last post.