Using Smart Field Controller in a practice setup

We have a Smart Field Controller Kit and want to use it as a practice setup. Want an external display showing the clock, playing the sounds, etc.

Is there a best way of setting this up? The only option seems to be to make a fake tournament in TM.

Currently just running it off a laptop, no Raspberry Pis. Wish there was a better practice mode in TM. Perhaps I am setting it up wrong. Any advice appreciated.

Is anyone using a Smart Field Controller for their everyday practice setup?

I think having a Smart Field Controller is cool, and in the long run probably a wise investment, but I don’t think you need it in practice everyday. My team had some success in Spin Up just by practicing with a couple robots head-to-head without any field control. When we wanted to simulate the timer in a match, we just played like a 30 second countdown audio on a bluetooth speaker, and that worked fine for us.

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