Using tape in competition?

My team has just finished the construction of our final robot but we have ran in to the issue of motor controllers coming disconnected while driving. So is it against the vex rules to tape to secure the connectors together? If so what can I do with in the bounds of the vex rule book to keep them together?

I know you are able to use almost anything for wire management so you should be fine with tape, as long as it isn’t helping the functionality of a system on your robot.

From <R7> in the rulebook:

So, I think according to the rules, you cannot. However, from <R7h>, you can use hot glue to secure cable connections, if that is what you are asking. Someone bring out something else from the rulebook to rebuttal, because I feel like there is something.

Using tape for this purpose is legal according to part i of <R7>g. I would recommend the VEX-official Extension Cable Retaining Clips instead though.

Not sure why you thought it was illegal…