Using the brain's LCD screen in pre-auton

Is using the V5’s LCD screen after the robot has been placed in the field legal during pre-autonomous (e.g. selecting autonomous routine)? Given that people seem to be talking about it on the forum, I assume it is, but just want to make sure before I spend too much time into it. Thanks for the help.

I really thought the rules had something to say about pre-autonomous specifically, but there is no rule stating that you can’t, and it’s common sense to have something preprogrammed, especially since the preauton is part of the Competition Template. The only rule I can find that has to do with something on this manner was < T5>.

This rule was apparently < G5> last year for Turning Point, but there is only trouble if you are repositioning your robot.

Also, shoutout to when violating this rule meant the referees realigning your robot “randomly”.

<G9> Hands out of the field. Drive Team Members may only touch the Team’s controls and Robot at
specified times during a Match as per <G9>. Drive Team Members are prohibited from making 
intentional contact with any Cubes, Field Element, or Robot during a Match, apart from the contact 
specified in
a. During the Driver Controlled Period, Drive Team Members may only touch their own Robot if the
Robot has not moved at all during the Match. Touching the Robot in this case is permitted for
only the following reasons:
1. Turning the Robot on or off.
2. Plugging in a battery and/or power expander.
3. Plugging in a VEXnet Key or V5 Robot Radio.
4. Touching the V5 Robot Brain screen, such as to start a program.
b. Drive Team Members are not permitted to break the plane of the field perimeter at any time
during the Match, apart from the actions described in <G9>.

I think you should look at this rule, it does not say you are allowed to break the plane of the field during anything other then driver and states what you are allowed to do.

This practice is generally acceptable as part of placing the robot on the field, not so much after placing the robot on the field. In other words, select what you need on the LCD either immediately after placing the robot as desired or while another team member finalizes the robot’s position.

Avoid returning to touch the LCD after it might be clear to the referees and opposing alliance that you have finished placing your robot.

I would strongly recommend having a pre-programmed default selection in case you forget to make a timely selection on the LCD.

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You can also use the LCD display on the remote to select things like field position, autonomous mode, or disable autonomous. It’s usually a little easier and quicker than using the LCD on the robot.