Using the old PIC controller

We’ve acquired a few of the old PIC microcontrollers, and I was thinking of possibly using them to build a couple demo-bots (clawbots for the public to operate at exhibitions). Before I spend any time tinkering with them, can these old microcontrollers be programmed with the current version of RobotC? What about keys and controllers: will the current VEXnet keys work, or do I have to use the old 75 MHz keys? Can I use the current

For that matter, are there issues with the old 75 MHz keys that would cause problems in non-competition use?


Regarding ROBOTC. V4.XX does not support the PIC, however, the good news is that we have a completely free version of V3.63 available for PIC.

I do not believe the 2.0 Vexnet keys will work with the PIC. There was a Vexnet add on “hat” that could be added to work with the black Vexnet keys.

Crystals should still work. @foster still does some demo bots this way. Replacement parts for these could be an issue in the future though.

To use VEXNet you need the V1.0 black keys and the “backpacks” for both the 75Mhz transmitter and the PIC. The use of crystals still works. If you are just doing this as demo robots then the older transmitter and the PIC are the way to go. HAVE THE ROBOTEERS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES, GETTING SMACKED IN THE FACE WITH THE ANTENNA HURTS.

Both the transmitter and the receiver need to be on the same channel and different channels for each robot.

I have 6 PIC sets that I use for demo robots, they are 8 years old at this point and are still going strong.

Good luck.

Thanks everyone for the help/ideas.

I checked and I have some duplicate crystals. Send me a personal conversation or email on the ones you have and I’ll see if I have others that will work for you.