Using The Terminal Window EasyC

I’m new to vex and EasyC. I have 5 years of Mindstorms, 1 year mentoring a FRC team, 17 years as a electrical controls Tech using primarily Rockwell Automation. Now I have some involvement with a first year Vex Team. I’m trying to set up some simple demos for the team using their spare kit so the kids can see how some of these sensor, motors, and remotes work. I would love to use the terminal window to output data. Again I’m a NOOB with the vex today. I can direct connect to the Cortex with the USB cable and can control the motors with the Online window and found that I can output to the Terminal Window while plugged in via USB. How Can I output button presses and joystick values? I can’t have both the USB tether and Wifi dongles plugged into the Cortex at the same time. I have seen there is a configuration that hints to wireless downloads using what looks like a USB to serial then serial to 6 pin program plug on the game controller.