Using Touch LED for autonomous programs, Vex Blocks

We are trying to learn how to use Touch LED to assist us in our programs. Currently we have up to 4 programs that we run individually in skills challenges, so there is a lot of time spent selecting the program with the arrow keys and then actually starting the program. Because we run the programs in the exact same order each time, we wondered if a touch LED would help.

I think we would need to combine all of the programs into one MEGA program using the Touch Led as the start/stop for each, but I hoped you could provide some input to point us in the right direction.

Many thanks!

You can do that. Put your first routine in turn the light on and wait for the touch to happen, then the second, touch, and so on.

But the hazard is will the routine finish and be waiting for the touch to happen? Lots of teams have a longer section that does not finish, so you would still need to do the front panel to select the change.