Using Two LCDs????

So I wanted to use two lcd displays this year for the team’s robot. However, basically the LCD configuration in RobotC is like gone. I saw other teams on Youtube using two LCDs though, so it is possible. How can I use two of them?

are you confused on how to set up two of them like how you set up motors? if so go to window > menu settings > make sure your setting is set to super user. Then you should be able to go to the motor and sensor setup and go to the UART ports and out an lcd in ports 1 and 2

ok thanks!!

also, then how do I code both? the only function I can find is displayLCD… which doesn’t configure which LCD to use

If you’re trying to display the same thing on both LCDs, use the same commands as normal.

If you’re trying to display different things, you’ll need to switch from RobotC to something else, as I don’t believe RobotC supports such a configuration.

ROBOTC can access two LCD screens, but you have to use a library such as this.

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