using V1 rack gears with the new sliders?

We literally just realized V2 racks is a thing like 20 minutes ago… is there anyways to work around it?

@4043c What do you mean work around it? They are very similar, just better for HS situations. They have 8-32 holes instead of 6-32 and use plastic molded inserts over brass, but this is an easy change to make by just swapping the screw size. Otherwise its the same.

@ethan_matlack huh, I’ll upload a picture, the description on the store page its only compatible with the v2 racks so i assumed that’s why :P. in that case could you please point out what i did wrong here?
its abit hard to see, but the srews are hitting each other, thus prevent them from sliding through.

The plastic parts have smaller holes so you can tap your own threads just by screwing screws in. You dont need to go all the way through and use a nut. Just use smaller screws and screw down from the top.

Ah, I believe you’ve confused two different parts. The parts you’ve posted a picture of is technically a “linear slide” component, not to be confused with the new V2 rack. As @Sirchiggins101 said, just use the shortest 8-32 screws and tap into the plastic. It’s annoying, but the only way to avoid collision.

I see, thx mates