Using Vex Micro controller with victor 883s

I would like to know if the Vex Micro controller can be used with IFI Victor 883 speed controllers Thanks.

Yes, it can, as the 883’s have a PWM input, and the VEX Microcontroller provides a PWM output.

Ive used this setup multiple times, with success. You will need to have a male-male pwm cable, and to power the victor separately, but otherwise this will work.

Female-female, but otherwise correct.

The PWM output on the VEX Microcontroller is a female socket, so this would be wrong.

Oh, I somehow got that backward, whoops… Disregard my post.

Part of the problem is that the RC hobby community has a tradition of referring to the genders of cables “incorrectly”. That is, they refer to the gender of the connector body, as opposed to the gender of the contacts (the standard practice in industry). Many male (that is, with pins) connectors have mechanical shields around them. The female (that is, with sockets) connectors have connector bodies that fit inside the shields of the male connectors.