Using Vinyl Shrink wrap instead of spray paint

Does anyone know if it would be possible to wrap c-channel and other vex metals in a vinyl shrink wrap instead of using spray paint?

I haven’t tried that before, but I don’t see why you couldn’t. The only issue that you’ll have to troubleshoot is getting the sharp angles down and the holes in the c channel.

How would you see the holes

Good question, I think you might be able to see a very small outline of them when you put on the wrap, and then cut them out with a knife but I’m not quite sure

just use spay paint
(its way easier)


You’re right I’ll probably just use spray paint

I had this lying around FWIW: Degrease thoroughly (acetone and a good breathing mask, a stiff brush you don’t care about), etch primer, spray paint, tough finish unless the colour advertises itself as tough. This steel offcut had two coats of then two of this for white backing and three of this for the win The orange says it’s tough, and it seems to be. 20 mins between coats of a given paint then 24 hours cure before next paint. The hit-it-with-a-spanner test knocked off a chip from a corner where I didn’t get a good covering of etch primer.

(Shortbread crumbs optional)