USMC Boot Camp

USMC Boot Camp! - I salute you! - Blake

its going to be tuff but if i can make it threw that i can make it threw anything

I salute you too… I only made it through Army Infantry school… But I am Expert with the M-16!!! ITB B-2-2 Ft. Benning, GA FEB-1987 to MAY-1987. (20 years ago, there were Barracks in between those roads, on the South Side of 8th Division Road, but the Water Tower is still the same)
On a sad side note, if you follow 8th Division Road to the East, there is a “tiny” Lake, called Victory Pond, in 1987, some men Drown, in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle when the “water wings” collapsed.

my brother went through Ft. Benning and Ft. Brag back in 2001 and 2002 but he fractured his knee while doing an obsticle corse at Ft. brag