Utah State Championship

I have a question about the Utah State Championship. About ten minutes after qualifying matches had ended, my coach told me that they would be doing 8 alliances instead of 4, what is usually done at Utah tournaments. This was unusual because it meant that only 4 teams did not make it into an alliance. I asked one of the people in charge why we were doing it this way, and he said that “vex was requiring us to do it”. Why were we required to do this? It messed everyone up because no teams even knew it was going to be this way until after qualifying rounds.

Wow,I had no idea you guys usually run 4 alliances. How many teams are at an average tournament?

8 is standard and is in the Vex NBN manual under the tournament section
I have never been to a tournament with only 4

Take a look at page 23 in the game manual (page 21 for events with more than 24 teams). It explains exactly what sizes and how many alliances are supposed to be formed based on how big an event is. And while regional events might deviate a little bit, an event that qualifies for worlds should definitely do it by the book.

That’s weird. I’ve never been to a tournament with more than four alliances. Our average number of teams is usually around 35-40. I had no idea that eight was the standard number of alliances for over 24 teams. It was completely unfair to everyone there though, because none of us had ever been to a tournament with eight alliances. There were two teams that aren’t going to worlds now that really deserve to. It would have been nice to have some sort of notice.