v.5 ?

What do we have here?

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Maybe the new cortex and motors are inside. :wink:


In the event that this was not simply meant as humor, the first Radio Shack release of VEX was called V.5. That is “V dot 5” not “VEX version 5.” The new product is “V5” or “VEX version 5.” Clear as mud, right?

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Let us dream a bit :frowning: @Rick TYler

sort of reminds me of this

What a meme.

[quote=“AquaticRobotics, post:7, topic:41633”]

What a meme.

Nah, just stop in at your local autozone and we’ll get you the parts to get it done right.

That is incomplete you forgot about Windows CE and Windows ME. Otherwise the windows trilogy of CE ME NT is not complete :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have these in stock?

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Yeah I’m really hoping for a name change. V5 is just vague.

It’s not showing up in the online store. Your local store may have them in stock though…
If nothing else you could just settle for this.