when is vex going to move from v.5 to v1.0?

u know i was thinking about that today.hmmmmm

You mean we have the PRE 1.0 release of Vex!!?!?!??!

Gosh!! I feel like a Beta Tester, and I might be Really Upset, but I am having too much fun to complain… :rolleyes:

the boxes all say v.5 on them. even the logo in the upper right corner of this forum says v.5 in the V

why would they update it so soon right now the master code is v7 but if im talking about some thing differant please correct me:o

v7 is the Master Code, the Software for the Master Processor… The v.5 is on the Hardware Box… It appears the “Popular Thinking” is the “v .5” is “Version .5”, meaning that Vex has not even reached Version 1.0.

but what is the deal with v.5??. i was thnking is vex comeing out with v1.0?..if v1.0 comes out will all vex add on kits change?.if new add on kits come out will thay work with vex v.5? or will we have to upgrade to v1.0?. it may cost more then v.5

plz reply

i think that v1.0 will be a starter kit with the most popular accesory kits added to it so all you would need is a starter kit. IFI has to test these product before including them in the starter kit.

wow…if it comes out what year will it come out?