V4 Cortex stand-alone not working

We are trying to run a V4 Cortex stand-alone, press a button to run a motor 1 second and stop (Robot-C, WIN10)

The code runs fine as long as something is plugged into USB (PC or Controller) but stand-alone the motor just ‘twitches’ for about 1/10s when / as long as the button depressed.

It’s had to say if it is a timeslice issue, the wait() is ignored or ??


  • updated all firmware
  • set communication mode USB Only
  • move the code into a function, run as a task
  • use competition template userctl() and auton()

– while(true)
— wait1Msec(1)
— if button()
---- motor[motor]=127;
---- wait1MSec(1000)
---- motor[motor]=0

I’m a bit clueless and welcome any thoughts.

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Searching the forum came up with this post from 2020.