V4 Distance Sensor Legality in VRC Competitions

We were coming across using a distance sensor on a bot, in order for it to perform better, to send it to a competition. In the VRC program, is it legal to use a V4 Distance Sensor? We were looking through our inventory, and could not find a V5 Distance sensor, and was wondering if it would be legal to substitute it with a V4.

Check out rule r6c in the game manual


We looked at the rules but there was no clear description of allowed devices.

JadenC, I’m confused with your V4 reference. VEX had the EDR distance sensor which was ultrasonic based (276-2155) and we’ve updated to the 276-4852, which is laser based. The 276-4852 is a pretty amazing sensor in my honest opinion and it’s accuracy is impressive. Although it’s a GDC question, my understanding both 276-2155 and 276-4852 are VRC competition legal.


How much more clear can a table of legal parts be???