V4 Legacy CAD Library?

Hello, I was wondering if there was a CAD library for Vex V4 Legacy items? I’ve been trying to look for one but I can’t find any. If there is one, I would love to use it. Thanks in advance!

Are there an specific parts you are looking for? You can find the CAD models for the Cortex microcontroller and the 393 motors on the website.

Here is the old tutorial for building the EDR Clawbot. Just above video #2 are links to the old EDR library.


There are other more complete libraries out there if you search for them on the forum or elsewhere. (Probably should search “EDR” and not “V4”. I don’t think VEX ever officially called a product line “V4” and that, internally, V4 may have been the IQ line. I think I read that the EDR line could be considered V2… but it really isn’t.

Ok i will look into that. I just needed the basic EDR parts. Thank You!