V4 shooting mechanism

We made it to worlds again, and this time we are not sure how to rebuild. We used a 4 motor hs 25:1 flywheel in our old robot, but the robot was really slow with a 6 motor torque drivetrain (1:1). So we want to limit ourselves to a 2 motor ball launcher and 8 motor hs drivetrain. We’re not sure if a 2 motor 25:1 flywheel with torque motors will work, so we’re open to all other options.

Make a 1 motor puncher and a 1 motor angle adjuster for it

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Well… how’s the rest of your motor dustribution? I don’t have a lot of experience with flywheels, but is it a double or single flywheel? If it’s single, and your friction is minimal, I might’ve seen 3 motors work.

But is potentially sacrificing your intricate design worth the little bit if extra speed on the drive? Is there any other way to do this? (Use larger wheels, gear up slightly, etc.)

You could always switch to a 1 motor puncher, but please don’t. You made it to Worlds with your flywheel. Please Don’t change it.

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What was the issue with the drive train? Are you planning on playing heavy defense? There are plenty of teams that manage to pull off a 6 motor high speed or even 4 motor. You could just switch directly to high speed with your current design. You shouldn’t be burning out in normal drive with six motors.

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we have a single wheel flywheel that overshoots the high flag from the very back of the field. Also, sometimes the balls hit the flags with so much force that the flag bounces back.

the problem was that we did burn out with 6 high speed motors, so we had to switch them to torque

That sounds like a build quality issue. maybe check axles for friction?

there was not a lot of friction at all, its probably just weakened motors. But we can’t order new motors from vex in time, so these are all we have.

another issue could be weight of the robot. Are you overbuilding things? using steel?

we really dont have much aluminum, and we aren’t really able to cut stuff. So we’re pretty limitted.

I would definitely say build a 8 motor chassis then. Speed of your robot is pretty important. As the response above suggests, I would probably build a linear puncher, as you’ll only need 1 or 2 motors for that, and it’s pretty easy to get right. Whether or not you want an angle adjuster is up to you.

thanks! I’ll keep this conversation live just in case any other ideas pop up.

I would not change your shooter so late in the season. Whether or not you change motors, you’ve had lots of success as it sits.

What’s the rest of your motor distribution? Can you just make it an 8 motor HS drive?

No, because we have a 4 motor flywheel, a 1 motor descorer, and a 1 motor intake. So we are left with 6 motors.

No, because we have a 4 motor flywheel, a 1 motor descorer, and a 1 motor intake. So we are left with 6 motors.

Could you gear up your drive 2:3 with sprockets? Maybe a bit more? If it’s just that the bot is heavy and stalls out HS motors, you may just have to find a way to use torque motors on the drive. I wouldn’t try to mess with your flywheel, but, as stated, I don’t have a lot of experience with them.

I guess we could gear our drive train, but our flywheel is way too powerful as it stands. We can shoot a top flag from the back starting tile at 75 speed.

could you take away one motor from the flywheel, and scrap the descorer, and then have an 8 motor drive with the 2 extra motors?

My team is switching from a flywheel to a puncher for US Open. We realized that we were using our flywheel like it was a puncher (shoot a ball, drive forward, shoot another) except it wasn’t as good as a puncher would be, especially an angle adjusting puncher.

We are trying to make our flywheel like 240P High Quality did with the 2 ball shooting, but it’s kind of complicated.