V5 1:1 motor insert issues?

I have recently made a 1:1 motor insert from the video 606X made. Once i made it the motor makes my flywheel vibrate to the point that it overheats and o can smell the rubber band burning. What can i do to make it spin faster and smoother for my flywheel?

if you have accsess to a laser cutter you can make a custom fitting out of stacked lexan disc. this is what my team uses. Baisically make a couple of rings that have the sahpe of the internal gear cut out and then make a cople of rings that have the shape of the HS shaft. then screw these disc together. from what ive tested this method is alot mroe secure and safer.

FYI: Use caution cutting Lexan with a laser cutter. The fumes can be toxic.


We had a similar problem with the lower speeds and excessive vibrating. It turned out that the insert was not 100% centered on the gear, which led to an off-center rotation. what we did was added 2 more zip ties on the other corners. It has worked amazing for us. it keeps a tighter and more centered position on the gear in the motor. Pretty simple, but works great.


Glad to see you’ve evolved the design with your improvements! Props for sharing.


Do these extra zip ties also have rubber bands under them? Or is it just the zip tie by itself?

It is just the zip ties on the other 2 corners.

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Solve the root problem… flywheel vibration. Check shafts for straightness. Remount the wheel onto the hub. Check bearings. Replace bearings. Etc.